Onsite Testing Center

The testing center consists of:

  • Our onsite field testing house!! (The only one in CT!)
  • A computer testing lab to facilitate your online "Written" BPI certification test
  • Large scale models of typical construction techniques and flaws

The test house has the components required  to meet BPI's testing center requirements. You will test in the same house that you have trained in. This is a MAJOR benefit in taking the field test! Our test house allows us to test any time, without the worries of scheduling and dealing with a homeowner. 

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Weatherization Lab

After you have studied home performance theory and concepts, nothing quite brings it all home like trying out your learned skills on actual home materials. And our weatherization lab is the perfect place to start. Our life size displays of wall construction, attic replicas and material displays allow students to practice their skills at installing:

  • Blown in wall and attic insulation
  • Expanded foam installation
  • Air sealing techniques on simulated environments
  • Door and window weatherization
  • Recessed can sealing

The labs allows students to practice on life-like environments but are assured they can do no harm. New employees in the energy efficiency industry use the lab to learn practical day to day skills for air sealing, before even going on a job. So come on in, get your hands dirty and learn the trade from the best. The lab is used as part of the training on a majority of our course offerings.  

To learn more about the school, get rates on renting the spaces or schedule a tour, Contact Mark Schappert Lead Trainer 203-419-5054
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