Why Choose The School for Energy Efficiency?

The School for Energy Efficiency (TSFEE) provides a broad depth of energy training including Building Performance Institute (BPI) courses, which is the leading credentialing organization for energy efficiency professionals. 

  • We are a BPI accredited training center.
  • We provide the proctoring of the written BPI testing for all courses.
  • We provide onsite field exams in our BPI approved test house.
  • Our instructors have actual field experience.
  • We limit our class size to 12 or less students.
  • The school is conveniently located at the intersection of Routes 84 and 8.

The school has its own on-site test house!

This means that you will start to experience hands-on learning from day one! Also, your field exam -- is done within 5 days of taking your written exam easy as there is no homeowner to schedule around. We meet all requirements set forth in testing by BPI. 

Our training courses are a cut above the rest. We meet the requirements for certificate training, and then we go further. We draw on extensive field experience to help our students grasp the practical applications of energy efficiency in the energy and building comfort industries. There is more to building efficiency than science: Professionals need to leverage energy auditing services into business opportunities, and we show them the way. 

The School prides itself on having the utmost knowledgeable trainers, with a combined background in the HVAC industry, architecture, residential direct installations, insulation installations and teaching. The School taps into its deep bench of industry contacts to enhance the instructor line up, and provide students with first hand field knowledge on a variety of levels.