Gain the Energy Expertise That Smart Customers Demand

The School for Energy Efficiency helps companies and individuals capitalize on the growing interest in costs savings through improved energy efficiency. As governmental agencies promote a whole-building approach to efficiency, homeowners and business owners will increasingly look for a new breed of professional who offers a systematic, science-based approach. We teach building science and certify students as building professionals under the auspices of the Building Performance Institute (BPI). 

Certification Leads to Opportunity

The School for Energy Efficiency provides training in energy efficiency and accredits contractors under the auspices of the Building Performance Institute (BPI), which is the leading credentialing organization for energy efficiency professionals in the country. BPI certification is a prerequisite for participation in more than 100 government-funded incentive programs across the country. 

Our training courses are a cut above the rest. We meet the requirements for certificate training, and then we go further. We draw on extensive field experience to help our students grasp the practical applications of energy efficiency in the energy and building comfort industries. There is more to building efficiency than science: Professionals need to leverage energy auditing services into business opportunities, and we show them the way. 

Hands on learning happens in our on site test house. Your training will include hours of real, hands on testing with working heating and cooling equipment.

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Courses



Here are some current courses:
  • BPI Building Analyst Certification
  • BPI Envelope Shell Professional
  • BPI Heating Professional
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Hands On Weatherization Practice Lab

After you have studied home performance theory and concepts, nothing quite brings it all home like trying out your learned skills on actual home materials. And our weatherization lab is the perfect place to start. Our life size displays of wall construction, attic replicas and material displays allows...